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The White Screen of Death Computer Virus Is Lurking Around The Corner

25 Mar

The White Screen of Death Virus is making its way around the Internet. Released in December of 2012 has been just a mere four months since its released by attacked thousands of computers

The White Screen of Death Virus is nasty but I just annihilated it off my Husbands computer.

White Screen of Death Computer Virus = 0 | Molly = 1

This nasty virus deactivates the Task Manager, USB Port and All Malware Programs where the user can’t get rid of the virus by normal methods.

It flashes to a white screen and freaks out the user to make them think that their computer has the “white screen of death”, then and official looking FBI template stating that your computer has been detected in illegal activity and that your computer has been seized until you pay the fee.

Sad thing is, people think this is legitimate and pay the fee.

It is a scam to get your money with no fix for the virus leaving the person minus the money and stuck with the virus.

Here are some tips to keep your computer free of viruses

1) Stop using Internet Explorer and make the change to Mozilla Firefox
2) Add Stop Script Add-On To Mozilla Firefox
3) Scan your computer with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malware Bytes. They are free and reliable.
4) Don’t know or trust a website or email link? Don’t click, they are a trick.

The Internet is open to everyone good and bad, so we have to protect ourselves with common sense.

If you or someone you know has a computer that needs a virus removed contact me and will be happy to help.

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